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February 13

I turned 44 today. Yes, 44. FORTY-FOUR. Wow, I'm already that old? Yeah, I am. Around the time when I turned 40, I felt a decline of my bodily strength, that's for sure. But, aside from that, I don't think I've changed a lot from the days in my twenties. I still have the same spirit I had as a college student. The TV-game kid in myself hasn't faded away a bit. Basically, I may be a kind of Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky. Oh, I may also be a pessimistic optimist (makes sense?). That said, I think it's time for me to think about what I can and should do before turning 50.

By the way, during a class yesterday, a second-grade girl suddenly asked me, "Do you have a girlfriend?" I, taken aback a little, said to her, "Hm? If I had one, that would be an extramarital affair." Surprisingly enough, she didn't think I was married.

Now, folks, here comes a question:
Why did she think I was single?

1. I look so young. 2. I look so uncool. 3. None above.

If you answer it correctly, a nice prize....No, I don't know the answer myself. Fact is, I didn't ask her why. Ha ha!




Happy Birthday Kiyo!! Hope you have a wonderful day. Btw, second grade girl - I think she has a crush on you ;)

Happy Birthday, Kiyo! The 40s aren't so bad, are they? I'll opt for answer # one.


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Just remember, no matter how old you get, you'll always be younger than I am.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! and many more!

Birppy Hathday to you!

Happy birthday! I love the fact that not all bloggers are in their early 20s or younger. Sometimes I have the feeling that they are and it's great to know there's a place for us middle-aged folks here too!

The second-grade girl undoubtedly has a crush on you.

A Happy Happy Birthday to You Kiyo!
I hope you get lots of laughs and love for your day.

BTW I agree with the others - how cute! A 2nd grader with a crush on her teacher!

LOL! Thanks, guys.

Ditto on the B-day greeting....but remember, age may make the body less able, but the mind is what makes your perceptions important....keep a youthful mind and everything else usually falls into place....with common sense and adequate perspective, of course... :D


I can't believe it - Feb. 13th is my sisters birthday too! And I forgot!!!!


my kendo sensei fujimoto-san is 45, and he can kick anyones ass at the dojo. mine included.

also, all of the girls at the dojo say he is very attractive (he is married too, and his sons are boys my age actually)

who said being older is a weakness??

btw, tanjoubi omedetou kiyo.

A belated Happy Birthday, Kiyo!

I'm with the other Jennifer. I think the girl has a crush.

Happy birthday Kiyo :)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Late Birthday Kiyo! I hope you had a great day. Don't worry, we all get older, too bad it happens.

Thanks guys. Seems like I'm still young, eh? ;) Oh, Peter, have you said happy birthday to your sister? Tell her February 13 is a great day. ;)