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Japan Bloggers

Although the new version of Movable Type was released on my birthday, I haven't upgraded to it yet. I'm using Version 2.5 now. When I upgraded to 2.51 last year, I had some CGI problem concerning the display of comment counters, and ended up downgrading it to the former version, which is why I don't feel like having the newest one. I'm quite happy with the present version I've been using now, but if you have found the new one worth upgrading, please advise me.

Soon after I posted the last entry, I got to know that Peter of SYDNEY NOTES is moving to Japan this August. It was a big surprise. Can I say congratulations, Peter? I have seen three fellow bloggers come and stay in Japan for the past year. Peter will be the fourth. Great! With the increase in the number of the bloggers who are blogging (in English) from Japan, I've made a new category of "Blogging in Japan" for my blogrolling links. Waiting for him to join the bloggers in Japan this coming summer. Oh, and I'm looking foward to seeing what the title of his blog ("???? BLOG" at present on his site) will be. :)


Dear Kiyo

My sincerest thanks. It's with such warm welcomes as this that I am reminded why I love Japan so much. And as for the name of the new site - not even I know that yet!