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One Year

I've been too busy (translation: lazy) to blog lately, but I have to say something today.

Today is a special day, for this blog. KEC Journal has reached the first anniversary of its birth. How could I expect the day to come when I started this journal a year ago? I express my thanks to those of you who have taken the time to post comments on my blog. Without them, this blog would have disappeared long before. And thanks to all the visitors who have come to read this humble blog. 278 entries and 931 comments. Wow.

Thanks again, and best wishes.


Wow! Congratulations are definately in order! Hopefully there'll be many more to come.

And in other news which you might find interesting. Google bought Blogger. This could mean BIG things for the Blog community.

whoa, im surprised yahoo didn't buy it first.
yahoo buys everything.

anyway, blogniversary´┐Ż omedetou~

Congratulations ! Just checked your first post, interesting : one year ago, you had no idea what to do with the new page, but now, you've got a great blog.

Glad Google did it this time.

one of these days when I grow up, I wanna have a blog page just like you.... :D



Congrats on the first year.


Wow! Congrats Kiyo! That's a fantastic milestone!

Thanks, guys! :)

Wow, Google bought Blogger??!! Great news!

Congratulations! You are one of the people why I still blog. You have a bunch to be proud of.


Thanks, tatroyer. I have the same thing to say to you. :)

omedetou, kiyo. quite an achievement if you think about it. if it means anything, your's was one of the blogs I read that inspired me to start my own. I can even remember how I came upon it (via a link at Mike Whybark, about 4 line movies reviews or something like that). No mikka bouzu for you!

I've got a question :
Here in China, most English language blogs are written by westerners living in China, very few Chinese write blogs in English, how about there ? Are many Japanese write English blogs ?

Oh, I didn't know that, Kurt. Glad you happened to find my link on mike's site. Well, instead of ending up a mikka bouzu, I've become an "ichinen bouzu," a first-grade boy. ;)

leylop, I don't think there are many such bloggers in Japan, either. Only I know for sure is Eri of Cronica di Eri.

Oh, that's interesting, Japan is pretty mch the same. Here, I've known...hmmm...probably less than 3 such bloggers. But there're many English blogs written by westerners living in China, how about there , the same ?

Yeah, it's quite the same. There are a lot of non-Japanese bloggers blogging in English in Japan. You can find many of the links at Kurt's site.

Are there many Chinese bloggers out there?

Hmmm...blog is unfamiliar to most Chinese, but there're still many blogs here as there're so many people in China.

I came here after reading about you in Jennfer's blog. I, too, am an English teacher. Very interesting reading! Congratulations on your anniversary.

Thanks for the message, Curious. Oh, Jennifer talked about me? I'm glad to have a visitor who teaches English. I've just been to your site. Very beautiful!