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Red Dragon

We saw "Red Dragon" yesterday. Surprisingly, there's virtually no snow on the roads, and we enjoyed a neat drive. The film was good too. I got to know much about Dr. Lecter before The Silence of the Lambs. Anthony Hopkins rocks.

Thanks for the info on the license renewal systems in your areas regarding my last post. It's great to be able to know about things around the world with your help on this blog. Actually, as for the lecture thing, if you haven't committed any traffic violations for the last 5 years, the lecture time will be shortened to 30 minutes. And if you have done more than once during the period, it will be 2 hours! I envy you folks. ;)

Well, I haven't played Saturday Scruples for quite a long time. It's already Sunday here, but why not?

1. You're going out-of-town for a month and won't be using your new car. do you offer it to a friend who needs one?

It depends on the friend. If he's a right guy, I'd be glad to.

2. Your agent helped you when you were struggling. Now a large agency with powerful connections wants you. Do you dump your agent?


The environmentally friendly laundry detergent costs two dollars more than the regular brand. Do you buy it?

Well, ask my wife.


Saturday Scruples is great! I'm going to have to answer these q's too.

Yeah, hope you will. :)