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School Toilets

Peter of SYDNEY NOTES blogged in his February 17 entry about a recent survey done by TOTO, a Japanese sanitary ware company, on Japanese school kids' views on school toilets. More specifically, it was a survey about "defecation at school toilets."

To the question of "Do you use a school toilet when you want to do number two?", 12.1 % of the 988 elementary school children answered "Never," and 37.1 % "try not to." That shows about a half of them hate to use school toilets to do their bigger business. Amazing?

Here are the reasons they gave: 77.4 % said they simply don't want to do it at school. Hm? So, why? One is "hazukashii," hmmm... it's hard to translate, well, something like "shameful, bashful, embarrassing, shy, of not having a nerve to...." depending on the situation. Another is "school toilets are dirty, and stinky." Ah huh. And interestingly, a lot of boys answered, "My friends will make fun of me if I get into a toilet compartment." Opening the door of a toilet compartment and enter it means he will do number two there. Oh, yeah. Big one is something funny among them.

As Peter points out, 54 % said they don't want to use a Japanese style toilet. Honestly, I'm a little surprised at this figure. Kids can't squat?

Having said that, I can't recall if I would use school toilets for the purpose myself. It's strange, but there's something hazukashii in using them.


Hmmm, that's something I'm probably going to have to get used to myself. "Squatting," that is. Hmmmm. I wonder if my knees will be able to handle it.

Don't worry, TheRich. The same survey says that 95.9 % of their homes equip western style toilets, while only 9.4 % have Japanese ones. But squatting may be a good exercise. ;)

LOL. That is funny. My wife's sister will not even go any place that someone might "hear" her. That includes number 1. Crazy. :-)

maybe another of the factors is that usually there is no toilet paper on school toilets, i think that is the hazukashii feeling...
you only notice there is NO toilet paper after doing IT haha.

Back when my son was a 5th-grader at Kamegawa Elementary School, he had to avoid the bathroom stalls because the other boys would pile up against the door to trap him inside.

As for me, the building in my high school where the staff room was located was brand new...so the bathroom and toilets were much nicer than in my apartment. I've never had problems with the squat toilet. As I've said before, I prefer them. Squatting is a much more efficient position for defecating, just as it is for giving birth.

Hi Kiyo!

Personally I love squat toilets, and while I was living in Japan I made a point of using them when available. And now it looks like I'll get the opportunity again - Shiori and I are making the permanent move from Sydney back to Tokyo in August!

Are schools in the UK aloud to stop you from going to the toilet in lesson times?
Please email back with in information

no, i do not have a number two in school tiolets because the water from the sinks makes your hands smell and the dryers take ages to dry your hands!