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Terribly Cold (Outside)

Hey, the calendar in the left side bar shows that there have been less entries so far this month. Seems like I have to stop this bad stream. But, come to think of it, I would post every three days about this time last year. So, simply, I got back to basics. No, no!

The lowest temperature has been around -25 C (-13 F) for the last couple of days here. That's awful, isn't it? Actually, I'm surprised at the temp. No joke but I didn't know it can be under -20 C in my town. Do you want to experience the cold? I advise you against. I understand why animals around here hibernate.

Contrary to the cold, there haven't been much snowfall this month. In fact, I haven't done "major" snow shoveling for the last month. That's also weird. My impression is that the warmer it gets in winter, the more snowfall you have. Anyway, too bad that I can't whine about snow shoveling on this blog. You know, I hate snow shoveling. Ha ha!

Aha, that's why I have posted fewer entries this month! No, no.