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The Bourne Identity

So we went to see the movie in the snow storm. The weather's been so bad on weekends recently. Driving on a mountain road where everything's white, I felt like I was flying in the air. Oh, it's dangerous, isn't it? And it must be a Murphy's law - that you will encounter a big truck on every blind curve.

The Bourne Identity was a lot of fun, as you guys have said. Though I don't think I could fully appreciate the turn of the story, as long as I enjoyed the actions, it was all right. We will see Red Dragon next week.


I don't know if I could stand driving on mountains in a snow storm. I live in Indiana and we have a lot of snow, but its pretty flat.

didn't get any snow where I live, but life is still crazy, driving amongst crazy drivers... :D


Driving down a decline is a thrilling job. ;)

The Bourne Identity is my favorite movie. Matt Damon is such a hottie.