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Tired of the pink color (so soon?) and snow shoveling (what relation?), I've put back the design to the KEC Journal Classic (who named it?). For those who are new to this site, this is the very design I originally started the blog with. That means the layout hasn't changed a bit from the beginning, simply because I'm scared to tweak it. Even now, I'm not all sure how and why this page looks like this! I mean, there must be a lot of useless tags and codes. But as long as the page happens to display things all right this way, it's all right anyway.

Oh, and Version 2.63 of Movable Type seems to have solved the comment counter display issue. So I've upgraded to it. It's always fun to have the newest one. Ha ha.... But since I don't know anything about the features newly added to the latest versions, I must study for a while. Hmmm...have I got time?

And, well, big news for KEC Journal! Leann's comment on the last entry was the 1000th one on this blog! Thanks, Leann! And thanks, folks!


Hey Kiyo
Your site is looking good - regardless if it's a new design or the first and best!
Here's to your 1000th comment - plus mine which is your 1001th!! Congrats! What a milestone.

Thanks, Rae! Well, actually yours was 1002nd; I posted after Leann. But your comment has definitely added up to the fun!

I liked the pink!

Oh, did you? OK, I'll place it here again when cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom in Hokkaido, maybe around mid May. :)

and i liked the musha ningyo!

i'm on your site first time. it looks/is interesting. i'm 22 year old, a third year student. i'm learning English & Japanese. i like much. would you be so kind to send me any information about your personal techniques of learning languages.
Thanks a lot.

I like the musha ningyo too, paburo. I often use it on other parts of my site. I'll let him reappear here when the Children's Day is coming near. :)

And hi, Alex! So, your "ru" address says you're from Russia? My personal techiniques...well, if you aren't staying in a country whose language you are learning, I think "reading" is the most effective way. Read whatever you like, and that as much as possible. That will broaden your understanding of the language. Also, starting a blog is good. I've been keeping this blog to improve my English.

Thanks a lot for your answer. It's been my first experience of writting to a foriegner as you are. Could you write me smth about the Japaneese school, its system, its curiculum, optionals, methology of teaching, anything else.

congrats, Kiyo.....keep up the good work....
perhaps you need some other more controversial topics to get more people to post.... :D

remember, I know nothing.... :O

Sorry, Alex, I don't know anything about Japanese schools (I mean, schools where the Japanese language is taught). Searching the Net would give you some info you need.

Controvercial topics....hmm, den4, that's a tough job, isn't it? And I don't want a huge number of posters. You know, I know nothing...;)

controversial topics like the yakuza? haha
that probably doesn't help boost comments up, i can tell :]

I like your design - very stylish.