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If you are a regular visitor here, you may think I hate living in this small town in Hokkaido. Sure, I do. I hate the snow. I hate the cold. I hate the climate in winter. I even hate the Hokkaido dialect and accent (oops). Then why do I live here? Because it's my hometown. And bacause I teach English here.

I've been teaching English to the local children for 19 years now. When I started this tiny English school, one of my junior members of the university's English club said in disbelief, "What made you want to start business in such a rural town? That won't broaden your future career, I'm afraid." He might be right, I thought, but I had my own reason.

English was my favorite subject in school. I don't know why, but there was something exciting about learning it. I wanted to know more about the language, but there was nobody around to guide me to the right direction. I didn't feel like asking questions of my English teachers at school. (I don't think that has anything to do with this, but my generation was described as an apathetic one in those days.) Accordingly, I learned English on my own in effect, but the English I learned was far from a practical one. I didn't even know how to pronounce English words correctly; it was not until I was in college that I got to know "bus" and "bath" are pronounced differently!

Though there is a bit of a story behind how I inclined to start an English school and that was, in a sense, quite an accident, I wanted to teach English to kids in my hometown and let them not experience roundabout ways of learning as I had done.

I'm not sure if my initial motive has worked well in any way for the past years, but as long as there are a number of kids who need me, I think I'll keep on teaching here.

Why, there are a lot of good things in my town. I like the mild weather in summer. I like the beautiful natural settings. I like the broad, straight roads. I like the food (though I don't care very much for sushi and sashimi). I even like my English school (hm?).

And I like English. ;)


Yum! Sushi!


It's easy to say normally, and you deserve a big hug salute!

I envy you for possessing a "hometown." Me who come from a city (Kuala Lumpur) always find it difficult to find "the" home whenever I go back. My home changes drastically every time I go "home!"


didn't you forget 'the beautiful women' on the list of good things from your town? or were you not allowed to comment about it hehe :P

Thanks, guys. Paburo, uh, no comment on that. :)