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Melon Pan

Do you have any particular foods or drinks that remind you of your childfood, oops, childhood? For me, "meron pan" is one of them. Its direct translation is "melon bread." Sounds yummy? Yeah, it sure is, but probably not in the way you might imagine. If you have ever lived in Japan, you would know what it is. Actually, it doesn't have "melon" in it, nor is it melon flavored. It's just a sweet bread roll. When I was a kid, I always wondered why it's called "meron pan." From what I know now, the layer, which has a sugar cookie flavor, on the outer part of the bread looks like a melon and that could be where the name is from. Or maybe it was so called simply because it was as yummy as melon. "Meron pan" is still popular in Japan and sold at most bakeries. You can find a variety of them from this link.

By the way, do you have any funny named foods in your country?


in spain we eat GYPSY'S ARMS (brazo de gitano).

no no, we're not cannibals.


Oh, quite a name.... But, hey, it looks yummy!

We were talking about smores last night after learning that the Scottish word for putting out a fire is to smore it. Smores aren't Scottish but who knows where the name came from?

My favorite British food name is Spotted Dick.

Are there any urls for popular pan-ya (pastry/bread bakeries) in Japan.....? I went to one of them while I was over there, but I forgot the name.....I think it had the French flag as the symbol of the shop name, however....it wasn't Pompadore or Meidiya some kind of french name...oh well.....I think J-bakeries are better at making them breads than the stuff I see on the west coast in the US, though.... :O

my wife tells me that some people in japan have never eaten real melon because it is so expensive and that the only time they have ever had the "melon taste" is when they eat melon pan.

The name "Smore" comes from "I want 'smore"... i.e. "I want some more"... :)

In case you don't know what it is, it's a marshmallow roasted on a fire (usually while camping), added to a bit of chocolate and put between two graham crackers. :) The chocolate melts and it's really good... :)

"Smore," it's interesting! Tim, I have no idea, but it's possible. ;) den4, sorry, I don't know what it is. Got any other clues?

You know what I love? That really thick soft bread they use for toast in Japan... Ahhh! My wife always calls it ふわふわパン... :)

I drool whenever I think about it!! :P

Texas toast... Hokkaido Toast...

Natsukashii naa...

Hiru, Hatano-san -- genki??

hisahiburi da yo ne...


Gomen nasai. Dochira no goro-san deshou ka?