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My Diary

Newly added to my blogrolling links is Mieko-san's My Diary. She's a friend of Eri's and is starting an English school this spring. She's kept the web diary since last December. What makes me impressed is that she writes her entries both in Japanese and in English, and that almost every day! You know, keeping blogging daily in a single language alone is a hard job... oh yeah, at least for me. I think her diary will also be a good reference for learners of Japanese and English.

M has a bilingual blog too, and says she writes in Japanese first, and then translates it into English. It's a good way to learn the feel of Japanese. I'm curious to know in which language Mieko-san writes first.


Thank you for linking my homepage 'my diary'. Though I'm not familiar with making homepage, writing web diary is fun. Well, I don't fix which(English or Japanese) diary is fast. It depends on the case. Usually I wirte my diary in English, and after changing the switch ( there is somewhere in my brain) I also write my diary in Japanese. Somtimes doing a translation is hard.

Thanks for the introduction to Mieko. It's great to find someone who is doing the same thing, but in reverse. Sort of like looking in a mirror.

I agree with Mieko. Writing the translation is hard. At first I wanted to try two forms: a literal translation (so readers could see what I was trying to say in Japanese) and then a version of the same topic as I would have written it in English, if I had done the English first. I just couldn't do it. My first-year Japanese really limited what I could say and how I could say it. The way I think in Japanese is in baby words. So I ended up with a compromise translation; just enough to help you understand what I'm trying to say when my Japanese is incomprehensible.

perhaps the hardest part of translations is not depending upon the dictionary definition, usually filled with inconsistent and often mistaken usages.....
I don't know how many times I've had to break the "using the dictionary definition" mode for my former students when I was teaching english years ago....words like hotondo just aren't translated right in them dictionaries.... :P

Tonight I installed the Japanes language set on my WinXP machine so I could view Kiyo's links in their correct presentation. Very interesting!

Hey Kiyo - sometime in a future post (unless you've talked about it somewhere before and can just link me to it...) it would be interest to hear the meaning of the "-san" suffix when saying someone's name. Is that similar to saying Mr. Kiyo? Just curious.

Yeah, it's a "Mr. Kiyo" kind. I'll blog about it one of these days. Thanks for the inspiration, bcj. ;)