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No Leadership

I was going to blog about how d**b-ass Japan's Prime Minister is, but I decided not to. It's not worth blogging about the guy now.

So, Saturday Scruples.

1. You're the coach on a kid's soccer team. In the finals do you let the bad players get much field time?

It depends on the definition of "bad" in this context and how bad the players really are. Since we're in the finals, I want to let excellent players play in the field, unless that harms the teamwork terribly.

2. As a dental hygienist, you see the dentist fondling a patient who's "asleep" in the chair. the dentist doesn't see you. Do you tell the patient?

Sure. That's a crime. I'd rather warn the dentist first.

3. You gave the wrong directions to a tourist family. They've already walked two blocks. Do you chase after them?

Why not? I think I did it once or twice or....


at least your prez stays sort of neutral...

spanish prez is a miserable sellout.

My my, what has Mr. Koizumi done now? Sorry, I'm a little bit out of the news loop now that I'm living in a new country.

He hasn't done anything. Literally. He hasn't done anything constructive for the North Korean and Iraqi issues. All he seems to be able to do is make vague remarks.

since when did a prime minister in japan "not" done anything except make vague remarks? :D

We, in the US, have lovable Uncle Billy in Microsoft and Billy Bronco Bush from Texas leading the US marketplace into the ground....
although I agree that Saddam needs to get taken out of office, it seems that the "administration" can't seem to make up its mind of whether we should go to war or wait for the inspection to finish or allow a second UN treaty or decide whether we need the UN at all or to give another chance to Big Daddy-o Saddam...since this story changes by the hour, I think we no longer live in the real world but are stuck in an old fashioned outdated Mr. Rogers' Museum-go-round that is going around and around at chaotic speed, but going nowhere fast...... :P

say what you will about the lame ducks in J-politics, at least they are consistent.... :D

I think it's pretty clear that the US Administration will take Saddam Hussein out, with or without the UN's backing. It's so transparent.

The reason we went the UN route is partially because Colin Powell wanted to get UN support and the reason why we keep pushing for a 2nd resolution is because we want to help out our allies (Britain and Spain) whose citizens aren't particularly in favor of the war. President Bush and other White House officials have made it clear that Resolution 1441 did not require a second resolution to authorize military force. Of course, they could just be saying this now to cover their tracks.

I think Japanese officials were trying to persuade the swing votes (like Mexico and Chile) in the UN to side with the United States. At least, that's what I heard.

The UN hasn't been very successful militarily. There have been 27(?) armed conflicts since the establishment of the UN and approval was received for only 3 of them: the Korean War of the '50s, one that I forgot, and the war on Afghanistan. But, I think the US will be bombing Iraq anyway... unilaterally, bilaterally, multilaterally...