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Seems like Blogger has started making (or letting?) its users' blog entries ping automatically to Weblogs.com. I noticed this yesterday when tatroyer's site on my blogrolling links was showing the asterisk (*), which I'm using to know newly updated blogs. And I found today CC's and Leylop's links, both of whom are Blogger users, were also showing the symbol.

The feature itself is a welcome thing for me, since I can know exactly when my fellow bloggers' posts are updated. But the weird thing is, tatroyer says he didn't know about this change. That means Blogger has activated the automatic pinging feature without their users' consent? Hmmm, what's this all about?


Oh my! Sounds like the machines are taking over!!

I didn't realize it the automatic pinging for Blogger until I visited the blogrolling website. I haven't seen anything on the Blogger website about this, though.