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Ramune. The name always comes with some nostalgia. I remember, when I was around six or seven, the big brother of a friend of mine bought me a bottle of Ramune. I don't know why he would want to do so. I don't even know why I still remember that tiny occasion of the remote past. All I can say is Ramune was, along with powdered juice, one of the few soft drinks that were available for the kids in the region, in those days.

Yes, Ramune is a kind of a sweet fizzy drink like soda pop. What makes it unique is the shape and the way of opening it. Ramune comes in a glass bottle. Like this:


Also I found a pic here.

On top of it is a glass marble placed tightly by the carbonic pressure (or something). To open the bottle, you have to press the marble down with an attached plastic device. Then the marble works as an automatic lid, kind of, going up and down while you're drinking. I bet you'll like the way and the taste as well.

The origin of the name is also a mystery. It's most likely that it came from "lemonade." To the ears of the people concerned in the past, it would sound like "ramune." If so, I think they did a good job, though nobody would think of "lemonade" when hearing "ramune." "Lemonade" is pronounced like "remonedo" in Japanese now, read by its spelling rather than the sound - a common practice done in adopting foreign words here - which can make the word far from its original sound.

Ramune is a drink of the past and hardly ever seen now. Oh, but I think I sometimes see the bottles at local supermarkets these days. A retro boom maybe? Anyway, without doubt, Ramune is a unique and lovable drink.


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Oh yeah, M blogged about Ramune this January!

The only kids drink that I fondly remember from childhood was Kool-Aide. I liked the red Kool-Aide personally. Mmmmm...lots of sugar.
By the way Kiyo, I had a brief stop over in Tokyo on Monday (what a horrible rain storm!!) on my way to China. Too bad I didn't actually get a chance to do any site seeing. :(

Hey, TheRich, glad to hear from you! So it seems you have made a safe trip to China. That's good. Hope you'll have a great time there. :)

When I was in 5th or 6th grade, I would often drink orange flavored soda pop called Napolin.

After hearing friends in Japan talk of Ramune, I went in search of a bottle while in Honolulu this past December. It didn't take me very long to find some, and I rather enjoyed the taste.

I'm not sure how much luck I'd have finding it here in Texas, though. If I search enough, I'm bound to get lucky, but finding exclusively Japanese food and/or drink is a little difficult...Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese groceries are far easier finds. Demographics, I guess.

At my daughter's elementary school in the summer festival RAMUNE is always sold at a PTA stall. It is very popular with everybody. But after the festival, we have to separte glass mables and plastic bottles to dispose of the finished drink bottles, because they left bottles with glass mables in garbage cans. It is a heavy job.

Ramune drink is readily available both in Northern and Southern California. One of the sources is a Japanese grocery chain here called Marukai markets. I had no idea it was such an old fashioned drink. It seemed pretty space age to me.

Thanks for the info, Aran. Good to know Ramune is around in California.

Hey, I live in seattle and have seen ramune at the asian grocery here, but they only have the 7 oz. bottles in one flavor.

I was told by a friend that they come in larger sizes and in different flavors. If anyone knows anything about how to get these other sizes and flavors I would appreciate some info a lot.



Does anyone know where I can get antique ramune bottles???