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M, the traditional Japanese scarecrow looks like this:


Though I always think of this figure when hearing the word "kakashi (scarecrow)", I can't remember when I saw a real one last, or maybe I haven never seen one.

By the way, the picture of a scarecrow on M's site would scare me away rather than birds. It could be a kind of trauma -- when I was in the first grade, there was a rumor among kids that a ghost with the head of a cow would appear in a deserted house near the school!


In the town where I live there are many rice paddies. Moreover there is a kindergarten on them, I don't know why, anyway there is no house around the kindergaten, that is my dauhgters went to. And every autunm KAKASHI festival is held. many strange? fancy? KAKASHIs are made by kids and while harvest period they are displayed? on the rice paddies to delight people and scare birds (I wonder?).

That's hilarious! Does the kindergarten have anything to do with the farming there, like the owner is a farmer?

speaking of scary houses, has anybody seen this movie yet? :o

looks really spooky!

Thanks so much for researching this for me. I like the Japanese scarecrow a lot. The crow looks scared.

By the way, the features of the face look like hiragana: he, no, shi. I remember last semester that my Japanese teacher showed us how to make a face out of hiragana...but now I can't remember how to do it.

M, I've written about it before.

It's written in the order of "he no he no mo he ji." Enjoy!

Hmm. Maybe you were the one who showed me, then. Thanks, sensei, for reminding me again, though.