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So, are you guys fine? Well, I'm fine, sank you.

"So" is an interesting word. There is a word in Japanese that is similar to it both in pronunciation and meaning. So, this kind of conversation can take place in class:

"What is so in Japanese, Sensei?"

"It's so."

"So, what?"

"So, so."

Translate this dialog into Japanese, if you will. ;)



Well, you can delete my first attempt. Apparently it didn't like the Japanese language fonts. I'll try it again in romaji.

"So" wa nan to iimasuka.
Sou da yo.
Sou desu ka.
Sou. Sou. Sou. Sou.

Dammit!. I'm going to give up now. I meant. "'So' wa nihongo de nan to iimasuka."

Wow! It's really hard to write romanized Japanese. Hey. Maybe that means I'm making progress.


あ、できた。So sorry, M, but I don't know why your Japanese input didn't work here.

I think it has something to do with my browser "Safari". It looks fine when I type it (this happens on my site, too). But when I post it, something weird happens.

Hmm, I don't want to write romanized Japanese, either. Yes, you're making progress. :)

先生、"so" は日本語で何ですか。


hey it works :D

Hahaha, thanks for the testing, Paburo. What browser are you using?

Reminds me of the Abbott and Costello who's on first routine.

俺は入力出来るかな?IE6 WindowsXP からのテストです。

Mozilla 1.3 Windows XP からのテストです。

Hi, UltraBob. Welcome to my site and thanks for joining the test. Could you tell me about the Abbott and Costello thing?


Here's a link to the routine http://www.baseball-almanac.com/humor4.shtml. Abbot and Costello were a comedy team in America, and I suspect that they were one of the forefathers of Japanese 漫才. Their style is very similar to that of a lot of comedians in Japan today. In America, there aren't that many stand-up comedy teams anymore. Stand-up comedy seems to be predominantly a solo act now. There is an audio file available on the site, so you can hear the routine too. I hope you enjoy it.

win 98ie and ie5 with j-ime 5 :D

Thanks for the info, Paburo. :)

UltraBob, that's damn funny! Now I know what you meant in your first post. And yeah, they can be a model of Japanese Manzai. Interesting. Thanks for the great link.