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The Two Towers

Oh, it's March. Spring! Yay! ...Well, not really. It's still winter in Hokkaido. But the thought that spring is not far away gives me a buoyant feeling.

We went to see "The Lord of the Rings" last Saturday. The cinema complex was crowded with people waiting in lines for tickets. But as it turned out, the theater we went in was not so packed as we had expected. Where the hell were they gone? To the dubbed version or "The Pianist," maybe. The film was, yeah, fun. But one year is a long time to retain the storyline.

Soon after the movie started, I heard a little babble of voices from our right side when something hit the back of my head. I looked around and saw a middle-aged lady walking with her handbag under her right arm, searching for her seat. She went on rubbing her bag neatly against a few more people. Apparently, she wasn't aware what she's doing to the folks in the front row.

She must have been a goblin, or one of Saruman's lethal army members.


Someone didn't do their homework! You were supposed to watch the DVD of Fellowship of the Ring before you went to see the new movie. (Or wasn't it released yet in Japan?)

I've seen the movie twice already. I think I like the scenery as much as the actual storyline--I just love those shots of New Zealand.

Your comment about the lady with the handbag being a goblin made me laugh. People are just so clueless when it comes to being courteous and aware of those around them.

At least you weren't harmed in the viewing of this film.

are you sure she was looking for her seat?
maybe she was too after the ring of mordor.

my preeecccccciooooooouuuussssss

I'm glad she didn't attack me again. ;)
Thanks for the link, den4.