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Snow shoveling is the least thing I want to do in April.

Well, Paburo and M seem to like sayings in Japanese. Though I'm not so particular about the stuff, I'll write about them every once in a while. (By the way, M, I haven't been able to open your site for the past couple of days. Is anything wrong with your server?)

One of the few sayings that I keep in mind is:

keizoku wa chikara nari

"Keizoku wa chikara nari."

"Keizoku" is continuity, and "chikara" power. By keeping doing something with perseverance, you will be able to get somewhere. I think the idea is definitely needed in language learning, and that's what I expect my students to do. But before saying that, it seems like I have to try to keep this blog going. Yeah, I know I've been lazy about blogging recently.

I have no idea where this saying is from. Do you have anything similar in your language?


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how about "no pain no gain"? I think that would fit.

How about: "When the going gets tough the tough get going."

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

I agree with Fran, '...try, try again'. And, I hope, if you try my site again it is up. I posted the sad story on the nipponDAZE page. We were forced to switch ADSL providers and it didn't go very well. Arg! Cut off from the world for a week! No net, no blog, no email, no news, no shopping.

I have a persevering spirit as well. Some people have described me as "tenacious as a bulldog". That is, once I sink my teeth into something I just won't let go. I just hate the thought of some subject getting the better of me.

in spanish, 'el que persevera, alcanza'
lit. he/she who perseveres, reaches.

this kotowaza rocks. similar to one of my favourites, 七転び八起き

thanks kiyo, it will be my new motto for kendou haha. ganbaru~!

Wow, all of them are highly suggestive to me. I think I badly need those words for myself. ;) Thanks, guys!

the one I liked (and I'm not sure of the source) is:

"Even monkeys fall out of trees..." hinting that anybody can make a mistake.....

kind of off the subject, but found this cool site for nightviews of Tokyo and vicinity:

Oh yeah, den4, that's 「猿も木から落ちる」(Saru mo ki kara ochiru). I like it too. :)

Hey, so what your students say recently? Anything? Or nothing? Keep up the good work.

"practice makes perfect"

Yeah, that sounds quite similar, toby. :)