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1989 - 2003

He passed away quietly at my parents' home yesterday morning. He went as if he had been waiting for the snow to melt. Rest in peace.


I'm so sorry, Kiyo. He looks so kind and loving. I'm sure you will all miss him.

I echo Jennifer's comments, I know you must be heartbroken, even if it was expected. My sincere condolences, I know how much pets mean to us.

????????It's hard to lose a pet that's been in the family so long. They really become one of the family.

Sorry for you loss. RIP Pochi

Pochi lived a long life, and I'm sure it was a happy one. His spirit will live as long as your memories of him do.

I think POCHI lived a long life, too. I bet he had a wonderful life with you. -- I have a cat. I hope she will live longer than me.

I'm so sorry Kiyo. I cannot describe how sad I would be feeling if I were you.
Hopefully soon the happy memories of Pochi will overtake the sadness of your loss.

Thanks guys for the warm messages. I really appreciate them. Yes, I believe Pochi lived a long, happy life.

yeah, Kiyo, sorry to hear the loss of your dog....losing pets always is sad.. :(

Thanks, den4. Pochi must be happy to hear the words from you guys. ;)

luckily, all dogs go to heaven.

Cool words, paburo. That must be so. ;)

i'm so sorry... (((hugs)))

He's playing with dogs in heaven now... :) I'm sure that all God's creatures enter Love and Harmony when they pass from this world... :)

I hope you may find some small comfort in those thoughts...