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Spring Baseball

It's been a week since my last post. A week passes pretty fast in real life, but when it comes to blogging, I feel as if I hadn't blogged for months. I almost forgot how to blog.

It's not that I've been sleeping, but that I've been, for one thing, busy preparing for the new school year that begins in April. In Japan, April is the month of making a fresh start! ...uh, well, I know that's a poor excuse. You could blog however busy you might be, if you will. The thing is, I've been hooked on watching high-school baseball on TV instead of thinking of April Fool's jokes.

National high school baseball tournaments are held in spring and summer every year. Every game of the finals is broadcast on TV. Some people hate the uniformity in high school baseball, but I love to watch the games. The players play with all their might, and their earnestness comes across as I watch them play. In fact, professional baseball players look so sloppy as compared to high school kids. And also, you have fun rooting for your local schools. Hokkaido teams are generally weak, for good or bad. Which is why I can enjoy so much watching their games with the hope of winning, though the two teams from Hokkaido lost no time leaving the tournament as scheduled this time as well.

The tournament's over yesterday. So, well, let's get down to business.


Good to see you've been keeping busy in a productive way. Have been wondering where you went, Kiyo!

National high school baseball tournaments---my mother likes, my father likes but --I ??? even though we( Kiyo and I) are in the same generation. SORRY.

Thanks, Rae. Yeah, I'm here and well. :)

Hahaha, Mieko, it's a matter of taste. Actually there ARE things I don't like about high school baseball, but still I love to watch them play.