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May 29, 2003


I'd like to thank you for all the warm messages on my last entry, friends.

I hadn't blogged for more than a month. A month is a fairly short time in real life, but feels like a very long period of time in this virtual sphere. Oh, and I hadn't even visited my fellow bloggers' sites during the period. Too bad. If there's something new, please let me know. It's like I were in the state of Urashima Taro. Hm? What was I doing instead of blogging? Well, reading, playing PC games, thinking about my life, et cetera, et cetera.... It's interesting that once in a long while, you will want to spend days without connecting to the Net. Or is it just me?

So, it may take a little while before I can get my second wind in blogging. Now I'm trying to remember the days when I started this blog site -- I simply enjoyed writing things as I liked. Yeah, that's what I am to do. And I wrote every three days. OK, that's my goal for now. And also, I wanted to practice writing in English. Yeah, that's it.

Well, speaking of going back to the basics, I still remember the English dialogues in a textbook I recited by rote at the English club in college. The first part goes like this:

A: Hello, B.
B: Hello, A. How are you?
A: Fine, thank you, and you?
B: Pretty good.
A: You were off yesterday, weren't you?
B: Yes, I was.
A: What was wrong with you?
B: Well, I had a little bit of a headache when I got home the day before yesterday. I thought it was the flu that is prevailing now. So I rested in bed until I felt all right. .....

How interesting human memory is!

May 24, 2003

Dear Visitors

Long time no see. Hi, guys, how have you been doing? ...Oh, me? I've been well. Things have been going quite normally around me, well, except for the updates of this site.

I didn't mean to take this long break. No special reason, actually. I'd have to apologize if you had worried about my conditions in any ways.

Let me say...I may have needed this long break. Although it's not that I grew tired of blogging at all, the frequency of updates of this site had been going down for the past month or so before the last entry, which gave an air of a kind of vicious circle for blogging. You know, a blog should be updated frequently - that's what it takes to make a blog a blog. I'm telling it to myself.

With that said, it's a little mottainai (a shame) to throw this blog site away now. So, I'm back in the blog sphere. Yoroshiku.

My task for the time being: To make this main entry section long enough to match the length of the left column. Aargh.