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Dear Visitors

Long time no see. Hi, guys, how have you been doing? ...Oh, me? I've been well. Things have been going quite normally around me, well, except for the updates of this site.

I didn't mean to take this long break. No special reason, actually. I'd have to apologize if you had worried about my conditions in any ways.

Let me say...I may have needed this long break. Although it's not that I grew tired of blogging at all, the frequency of updates of this site had been going down for the past month or so before the last entry, which gave an air of a kind of vicious circle for blogging. You know, a blog should be updated frequently - that's what it takes to make a blog a blog. I'm telling it to myself.

With that said, it's a little mottainai (a shame) to throw this blog site away now. So, I'm back in the blog sphere. Yoroshiku.

My task for the time being: To make this main entry section long enough to match the length of the left column. Aargh.


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Hizzah! Kiyo's back on the blog again! Simply awesome! I've missed your blogging styles sir. I humbly welcome you back to the scene and hope that you find it's fruits to be as fresh and juicy as they were when you left.

It's nice to take a break from time to time. Good to see you back.

Welcome back, Kiyo!

WOOO! I'm happy to read your blog again!--Well, this phrase sounds casual, right? On the other hand on your JAPANESE BBS, it was sort of polite Japanese wasn't it?

Glad to see you're doing okay!


Oh Kiyo, there you are. Glad to know you are doing okay. No pressure, don't have to be "lengthy," just blog as you like as you always do.

kiyo, glad to see you back in the fold so to speak. i know all about blogging breaks and understand well, but that said I'm hoping you'll be able to continue it in some way.

this very entry exemplifies what i love about your blog. just the other day when I told a student that when I was young I was quite a good tennis player (best on my high school team, etc.), but that I hadn't played in 15 years, she said "mottainai" under her breath. I was confused about that usage, as I'm only familiar with its meaning around wasteful spending. And now I read your entry and it all makes sense, and my vocabulary is the richer for it. Thanks!

You're back! I'm so glad. I've missed you! I keep coming across interesting words that I've wanted to discuss with you. (And yes, I was a bit worried. I was beginning to think that since your last post was titled 'Farewell' that it had a double-meaning--that it was your way of saying "farewell" to us.)

As for 'blogs', don't feel compelled by the technology to write in particular fashion. That would be like limiting physical publishing to producing just daily newspapers. Maybe your blog is the equivalent of a weekly or monthly magazine.

As for me, I'm more interested in quality than quantity! That's why I keep coming back.

Glad to see you back. ;-)

Kiyo, I'm great happy to see you again !!!!

Oh Kiyo - it's so great to "hear" from you again. Have missed your writing...


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