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I used to keep parakeets as pets. Unlike most other birds - though I don't know much about other ones - , they are friendly, funny, and entertaining. They learn to say some words and that's very cute. The typical one I first taught them was "Pee-chan." Well, don't look to its English meaning. Birdsong can sometimes sound like "Pee, pee" (Um, again, the sound, not the meaning, fellows) to our (Japanese) ears.

I happened to find an interesting and funny article in a local newspaper the other day.

A parakeet called "Chibi" flew away from his owner's house. After several hours, he came down on a man's shoulder, and the man took him to a police station. He kept silent for a few days after that, but suddenly started repeating his address and name like "North Avenue, Hatano Chibi-chan." The police looked up the phone number in the directly and, whew, found his owner.

The owner's comment: "Next, I'll teach him the phone number."


Funny story! It reminded me of another one (http://www.aftenposten.no/english/local/article.jhtml?articleID=555143), which more or less falls into the category of 'pets and the law'. From a Norwegian paper.

I'm sorry; I don't think the link I posted in the last comment worked. It should be:


I have a coffee mug with a picture of a little bird and the word "pee" on the side. I know we're not supposed to think of the English meaning, but that still makes me laugh. I'm twelve.

I wish my cat would learn his home address... Oh well, hopefully the tag on his collar will send him home if he ever gets lost!

lucky me i don't have pets to lose.