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Hey, Summer!

It's cold today. So cold that I turned on the heater in my room. It's the end of June, and so it should be summer, right? The chill reminds me of the terrible summer we had last year. No more such ones!

Hey, who the hell said it's good to stay in Hokkaido about this time of year?


Personally I would welcome a day of cold. I hate the heat and humidity - it's my weakness in Japan!

Is it normal thing to turn on the heater? The other day I turned on the heater in my house, though everybody was suprsied.

weather is crazy.

the end might be nigh.

I don't think it's a usual thing to use heat at this time, Mieko-san. But in my room, the heater is always there to be switched on. I can't stand the cold. Maybe we have something in common. ;)

Oh boy, it's so cold in Melbourne today. The weekend was lovely and bright and sunny, and today I'm back at work and it's sooooo cold. The sky is grey, the wind is strong and all I want to be doing it curling up under the doona to stay warm.

Roll on warmer weather!