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Info Needed

A couple of visitors recently posted comments in my past entries seeking for information.

One is from jim, who wants to know how to write the following greetings in Japanese. If you know a good website that lists this kind of expressions for non-Japanese, please let me know.

hello - konnichiwa

bye - sayo(u)nara

thanks - arigatou

regards - Hmmm, I can't think of good Japanese for it. But yoroshiku or yoroshiku onegaishimasu can do the job in most cases.

keep in touch - If you want the person to keep in touch with you, it would be renraku kudasai or renraku shite kudasai.

The other guy is Nels, who lives in Seattle and wants information on how to get Ramune drink that comes in large sizes and different flavors. Wow, I didn't know Ramune has evolved into various flavors. Glad to know it's sold in the US. Oh, if you guys know something about it, please comment here for him.


This is a very interesting site for learning Japanese letters(hiragana, katakana, kanji).

(Written in English)

Wow, thanks for the great links! Shigeru-san, have we possibly met before? I guess we have.

"konnichiwa" shigueru and Kiyo,

"arigatou" for the info and websites



Quick technical note: a few tweaks to the Movable Type configuration file (mt.cfg) would allow you to post to this weblog in Japanese as well: you wouldn't have to resort to graphics any more and your users could easily copy and paste those phrases.

The tweaks or these:

01 change the character set from its default iso-8859-1 to UTF-8. You only need to open mt.cfg in a text editor and modify the PublishCharset line like this:

PublishCharset UTF-8

02 I don't understand this either, but it's needed, whatever it does: uncomment the NoHTMLENtities 1 line in the mt.cfg file. Instead of:

#NoHTMLEntities 1

It should read:

NoHTMLEntities 1

I'm in Seattle and the only place I know where to buy Ramune is the Uwajimaya grocery store in the international district. (I'm a huge ramune fan myself so I buy it there often.) There aren't often "special flavors" there though. Last summer they sold lychee along with regular, and regular was doing a "mukashi" flavor gimmick for awhile. For a short time there was also a peach flavor which was also interesting for its different color top. If someone wants ramune but in a bigger bottle, I would just buy Mitsuya Cider. It's similar enough, and is also at the same Uwajimaya most of the time.

For a short time, the store was selling a "no-brand" or other brand of ramune that were in different colors and flavors but I found them to be really awful tasting. (The bright blue kind had a hint of mint...)

I don't know where you can special order ramune, but in this city there is a place to get it although the few special flavors may only be seasonal (just like the Detective Conan matsuri ramune bottle was).

I love Ramune! It's the best! It reminds me of my past life when I was a young Japanesse school girl drinking nothing but Ramue and Calpis. I loved eating Omochi ice cream, although that's from Taiwan. Oh! But what I wouldn't give to go back to that life!