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Yeah, it's been spring here in Hokkaido. It's awesome. Really. Above all, I don't have to whine about snow shoveling. Ha! Well, I like this time of year in Hokkaido. Blue skies and mild temperatures. It's free from the nasty Tsuyu (rainy season) that the rest of Japan suffers.

Living in Hokkaido, you'll be able to enjoy the clear changes of the seasons. It feels like the winter here is more winter-like than winter in general. And so, spring comes dramatically. Everything seems to spring up, literally, and everything looks bright. The brief, comfortable summer follows. The scenery in autumn is stunning to look at.

Sounds like I love Hokkaido, huh? I dunno.

Well, my wife has been in Nagoya as a yearly event. Deciding when to go there seems to be a tough matter for her. Once she did it in December, but caught a bad cold because it was too cold there. She went there in August, but it was too hot. She's thoroughly accustomed to the climate in Hokkaido.

She's back this afternoon.


Hi, this is the first time for me to post a comment here. I'm Wakako and teaching English at a high school in Mie.

Well, I've never been to Hokkaido... Now in Mie it is very humid and the climate in Hokkaido you are talking about attracts me!

Hey, do you mean that it is colder in Nagoya than in Hokkaido in December? The temperature where you live is much lower, I suppose. Because of the poor heating system?

Hi, Wakako-san, welcome to this site. Yes, heating! Even though it's terribly cold in winter here, it's always "hot" indoors.