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What English?

A 4th grade boy talked to me in Japanese while practicing the alphabet during class yesterday.

"Sensei! Which country's English do you understand?"

"What? English is English. Oh, you mean English is different from country to country?"

"No, no! ...ah, I can't think of good Japanese for what I want to say!"

He's learning Japanese, his native language, for sure. But what on earth did he want to ask of me? Maybe next time.


That's what I would have guessed, too--that he meant that American English is different than British English. Although I can understand the Mancunian, I have to strain to catch what his sister, who still lives in Manchester, is saying. Australians are harder still for me, and New Zealanders are almost impossible.

Maybe your student didn't mean that the language is different from country to country, but that the accents and some vocabulary are.

I have a question for you. I am looking for a website, that is translated in english, that I can buy children's books, tapes, vhs, or VCD/DVDs from that are in Japanese. My husband is half Japanese, and he refuses to speak or teach my 8 mo. old the language. I only speak English, and I would really like to raise my child bilingual. So I am seaching to find items that I can teach her with, and myself along the way. I have found a few things on ebay, but as far as websites for companies, I am having one heck of a time. Got any ideas??? I would so very much appreiciate any advice!!!!

Nicole -- have you tried Skysoft.co.jp? Unlike Amazon Japan, they have an English interface.

I don't know if they ship overseas, and I can't say I recommend them: I tried to order some books once but got so frustrated with their forms that I gave up somewhere along the way.

Seems like Skysoft doesn't ship overseas. I've tried in vain to find a website. Let's keep paying attention for a while.