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Can't be a ...

Kiyo's Japanese Lesson


That's brilliant!! This is definitely what mobile phones with cameras were made for.

Seems like I've got a new possibility of blogging with the phone-cam. Thanks, Rae! :)

What's the little character in the bottom-right of the picture? Looks like an angry old man's face, but can't really tell in this pic.

It's a "Godzilla" timer. I'll take a close shot of it tomorrow.

Well you've certainly solved the problem for those people who can't read Japanese characters in the browsers. And a bonus for the rest of us--we can practice reading handwritten Japanese.

I think you're on the verge of a new trend.

Here is the Godzilla, bcj. :)

M, well, my handwriting is bad. So...oh, it could be a good sample to practice reading Japanese! Ha ha!

Heh! That's a cool timer. What do you use it for?

Yeah, tests and games. When the time comes, he growls with his eyes lighting.