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Kiyo's daily japanese

The more reasonable way of reading the kanji "日本" is "Nippon," which suggests ,in reverse, "Nihon" could be the more formal one. Anyway, both are regarded as equally correct and are used equally as well. The choice of which to use depends on the situation or the words that follow, or possibly your mood. When referring to the Japanese language, "Nihon-go" is widely used, and when cheering for the National Team as at the Olympics, it should almost exclusively be "Nippon!"

The kanji "日本" was formed in the seventh century to give the meaning of "the Land of the Rising Sun." It was originally called "Yamato."

Then why is "Nihon" called "Japan" in English? According to a source, it comes from the Chinese pronunciation, Jihpun. Uh-huh.

By the way, as Japan is shortened to "Jpn." in English, there are abbreviated kanji versions of calling other countries in Japanese. I'll show you some of them here.

US 米 (bei, pronounced like "bay")
UK 英 (ei)
Canada 加 (ka)
Australia 豪 (go)
France 仏 (futsu)
Italy 伊 (i)
Germany 独 (doku)

The US is often referred to as "米国" (bei-koku) in the papers or the like. 米 is "rice," and 国 "country." "米" is one of the kanji characters that were applied to liken the sound of "America," so it has nothing to do with the meaning. But, you know, the US is "Rice Country." Oh, by the way, why is "Rice Bowl" called so?


Ok, I'm assuming that you're writing on a chalkboard on the ground? I originally thought it was mounted on the wall.

Or maybe it is, and you are using your magical Kiyo powers to keep the Godzilla timer and chalk from falling to the floor?

Exactly. The board is on the wall. I use my magical Kiyo powers to ...no, no, it's a magnet board.

Hello, kiyo-san

It's been a long time since I left my last comment here, I guess.

What I wanna say today is,... Kiyo-san's way of writing Japanese looks so cute. (^-^)

Hi, Eri-san. Oh, my handwriting looks kawaii? Ha ha. Thanks! (^^)