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Yes, I do have a cell phone. Why not? Never mind, you know, the only funny thing about my possessing a cell phone is that I hardly ever use it. Nevertheless, I bought a new one last Saturday. Sounds stupid? Don't blame me. It's not my fault. (Is it a fault anyway?) My wife said she wanted the newest one, and so, well, I thought it wouldn't be bad to buy a new one for myself, too. You know, today's cell phones are rich in special functions. And my students seem to make full use of them without efforts. It's kind of my duty to keep up with the trend. Forget about the fact that I didn't get the whole picture of the features even with my former one.

My new one has digital camera function in it, like most others. So, what about thinking in the way that I bought a "digital camera," and that for the first time in my life? Even so, a problem lies here - I'm terrible, really terrible at taking pictures. I find it funny myself, but I've never been interested in taking photos, nor have I ever wanted to have a camera. The first thing I do when asked to take pictures for someone is ask how to do it. OK. I'm learning.

So, guys, here is the first picture I took with the cell phone. It's the symbol of my English school, "Hatano English Seminar." Looks cute?

HES mark

It's something I drew on the flip side of a handout for fun when I started the school. The students at the time liked it, and it has lived until now. Be careful when you will draw it. The number of his hairs is six. Nothing more, nothing less. Oh, he doesn't have a name. So I'd appreciate it if you would think of one for him.


i vote for "Kiyo-jisan" or "Hata-ji-" as he is always young in heart. :)

Oh, yeah. So, the name goes to "Hata-G." Thanks, Ken Loo.