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The summer vacation is over. We went to Sapporo last Tuesday to see a pro baseball game. The Yokohama BayStars took on the Hanshin Tigers. We root for BayStars, but they've had a tough season so far, as expected from the beginning though, with the winning percentage all-time low, under .300. OK. A true fan of a certain team would never walk out on them just because they can't win a lot. Well, that's what my wife says. It would be kind of an interesting game, because the Tigers have been running along in incredibly high gear in the Central League this year, leaving the other five teams far behind. So, we could've had a chance to see a very rare scene that the collapsing BayStars would beat the mighty Tigers.

Go, BayStars!

It was really a close game. The BayStars lost to the Tigers 2-3. Well, a true fan would....


It's true. A true fan stays til the very end. Though I am a true fan of my Bulldgos (AFL footy) I have been known to leave early a couple times this year. More due to the fact that the effort wasn't being put in, than the fact that you knew they were going to lose, though!

Yeah, Rae, I know from your blog that you're a true fan of the Bulldogs. :)