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I'm taking a one-week summer vacation. O summer, how sweet the season should be. Summer brings me a lot of joyful memories. But, wait. Is it really summer? No, it doesn't feel like summer at all. The depressing weather never lifts my spirits. "Samui desu ne" (It's cold, isn't it?) has become the greeting here in place of "Atsui desu ne" (It's hot, isn't it?). I wish I were in Texas, yes, in Texas.

I haven't heard the sound of cicadas since the last entry. One of the dictionaries I have at hand says that Westerners don't like the sound. Hmmm... I wonder how the dictionary people can generalize the "Westerners" and state so assertively. Anyway, is it really the case with you? Yeah, at least I know Leann loves the sound. :)


I love the sound of crickets mainly because they are so strongly associated with warm summer evenings, which I love even more ;)

The cicadas have been absent the past few days...I don't know if the heat got to them, or if they're just finished mating.

I've been having dreams of snow the past few nights. Obviously, the heat has gotten to ME.

I love the sound of cicadas. It reminds me very strongly of sitting with my grandparents on their screened-in porch at the end of a day spent in my grandfather's garden, sipping iced coffee and listening to the (freight) trains pass.

Both of my grandparents are long dead, but I remember my time with them so vividly when I hear the cicadas sing or the lonesome call of a train on the prairie.


I love the sound. There are lots in Chicago where I grew up, but none here in Seattle, and I miss them. I'll get to hear them next month when we go to Missouri on vacation.