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To learners of Japanese:

Do you know what 「しばしば」 (shiba-shiba) means?


It essentially means "often", doesn't it? That is, to do something on a regular basis.

My son is always complaining about the term used when translating English into Japanese. Yes, he call such expression as "shibashiba" and "suru ya inaya" a term, because he thinks they are rarely used in our daily life. As for "suru ya inaya," I also think it is almost dying both in spoken and written Japanese, but what about "shibashiba"?
I don't think so. I'm really worried about my son's poor Japanese vocabulary.(Please don't ask me about his English...(><)

I've never heard it. But, then, if I don't know a word already, I don't tend to hear it. It becomes part of the background chatter.

My online dictionary comes up with the same definition as Jeff, "often", "again and again" or "frequently". But it doesn't say how it differs from yoku or mata.