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Where has the summer...

neglected updates

July this year was a cold month. This was a phenomenon for the entire country. You know, I want a HOT SUMMER!

Surprisingly, I heard the sound of locusts this morning. It's one of the sounds of summer in Japan. Do you have any particular sounds that you associate with summer?


Lawn mowers & chain saws.

cicadas humming in the trees at dusk.

I agree on the crickets and the lawn mowers. Other sound I relate to summer is splashing water in pools (along with squeals and laughter)

Cicadas here, as well. The past couple of weeks, the buzzing has been continuous.

That, and the constant hum of the air conditioner. 108 degrees F outside this afternoon (42 degrees C).

The sounds I associate with summer...

"It's too hot!"
"Someone kill me, it's too hot."
"What? I can't hear you. It's too hot!"
and finally, the sounds of children playing. You don't hear that sound when the children are busy doing schoolwork.

Want hot? Come and visit me in Austin, Texas. Yesterday it was 108 degrees F. And it's not a dry heat! This is typical for this time of year, here. The people I feel sorry for this summer are the Europeans. It's just as hot there this year and they're not prepared for it. No AC!

As for sounds of summer--cicadas. Other than that it's very quiet because it's too hot for man or beast to be outside. And the rare and "delicate sound of thunder" before a summer downpour.

buzzing cicada..I love that sound

isogashi tokoro gomennasai :) nande H wa sex? wakaru?
sorry my english, why H is sex in japanese?


I checked it up, and found it probably came from "hentai" (変態: sex pervert).