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Babylon is a nice tool for language learners. Just click on a word -it doesn't matter whether you do it on web pages or on your editors-, and its difinitions will appear in a pop-up window. Well, I typed "difinitions" just now, feeling something's wrong since there were so many i's. So I clicked on it and Babylon said, "No matches....Perhaps you meant: definitions." You know, Babylon can be used as a word-by-word spell checker, too. There are a vast number of dictionaries and glossaries available for various languages. That's the point. You can check the meaning of, say, Japanese words or phrases as well as those in other languages. You can either download them to your PC or use them online.

With this software, even Greek wouldn't be all Greek to you.


You might also want to look at Rikai, which is a free web-based dictionary service:


Kevin the Bird Man recently hacked up a couple of bookmarklets to go with it: