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It was really a big one. At 4:50 a.m., my wife and I jumped out of bed noticing a roar. Yes, the loud sound came first. The next moment, she was holding the cupboard, and me a bookshelf, thinking dimly "Hey, is this a joke?" It felt like the horizontal shaking would last forever.

Fortunately, there was no serious damage around here. And even though there were more than 400 Hokkaido people injured mostly because of falling objects, damage has been relatively moderate, given the size of the frightening magnitude 8.0 temblor. It could have been worse.

My students all looked sleepy because of the too early violent alarm clock.


So glad to hear you are all well! I was thinking about you as the news came through here. Scary.

Me, too. On both counts. When I heard the news, the first thing I did was go to your blog to see how you were. Maybe that's what makes blogs so great. The news doesn't just happen to some people far away. It happens to people you feel connected to because you share in their lives, day after day.

I did the same thing as M did yesterday morning, and then I tried to find its details. I am really happy to know that there was no serious damage there.

Thank you all. I appreciate your friendship. I should have updated promptly, but, you know, I felt as if the ground was shaking all day long that day. ;)

glad you're ok kiyo.

i was wondering since you live in hokkaido and stuff!

Hey, Paburo. I'm オッケー. But no thanks for another big one. :)

I can't believe you were so close to something so huge. Am very very glad to hear all is good.

Yeah, Rae, that was a scary experience. Nothing to worry about, uh, for now. ;) Thanks!