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I banged my left knee on a chair during a class. As the chair stayed firmly against the wall, the hit was hard enough for me to feel as if the knee got broken. Fortunately, it's nothing serious (for now). I often bang my left knee on something for no reason. It's well trained? No. It's kind of scary to think about the future of the poor left one.


Walk backwards. You'll start banging the right knee and even things out a bit.

I used to do the same thing - always damaged my small toe on my left foot! No matter what I wore, where I was, it was always that toe that was in pain!
Poor Kiyo - hope you are walking tall again soon!

Ha ha hah! I'll think about it, bcj. ;)

Rae, yeah, the small toe! I know how it hurts. Here in Japan, where we stay indoors without shoes on, the chance is even higher. Ouch!