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Simply Lazy, Could Be

I cleaned my computer yesterday. I mean, removed unnecessary files and applications, checked and defragmented the hard drives, cleaned up the registry, and compacted it. I don't know how good this kind of cleaning is for my computer, but it gives me some satisfaction, anyway, even though I actually hadn't done it for around a year. When I was a computer novice, I used to do these chores regularly.


When I was much younger, I would often wash my cars. Once a week, by myself. Now, I find myself leaving my car as it is for months. And when I will wash it, I have gas station guys do it.

Come on...

Around this time last year, I blogged almost daily. I enjoyed looking at the calendar on the left-hand column filled with bold-faced days. This month so far, I've posted 6 times and missed 12 days. 6 wins and 12 losses. Better than the winning percentage of the Baystars.


But those things don't mean I have lost my affection for my PC, car, and blog. Really.


Speaking of cleaning up computers: is there anything like a Japanese equivalent of Ad-aware
http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/ that removes spyware from Windows boxes?


I searched the Net, but found nothing similar to Ad-aware. I'm using Adaware and Spybot
and they both work fine on my Japanese OS.

Ad-aware is developed in the U.S., Spybot in Germany. I was simply thinking that there'd be a couple of data mining nasties floating around in Japan that these developers do not know about.

Thanks for looking.

I don't think you're lazy, I just think you've a lot more interesting things to do.

'Sides, if I say you're lazy, then me with lack of washing car and clearing PCs, I would be labelled as such too! :)

Hahaha, thanks, Rae! You update your blog regularly, which means you give me something to enjoy every morning. :)