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A Hard Day

Ooooops. I almost messed up my blog.

The thing is, I moved this blog site to a different server at the same web hosting company I'm currently using. I figured the moving wouldn't be a tough job since it's not that I'd change hosts, and so everything should be going well without changing any settings of CGI programs. Well, I should know things wouldn't go that easy. I simply transferred all the files to the new server and checked the pages. Everything seemed to be displayed all right. The hosting company responded quickly, and informed me that my domain name had been successfully moved to the new server.



Rudolf kindly let me know yesterday that the comment feature on my blog didn't work. I hadn't noticed that. Worse enough, although I tried to log on to the MovableType, the sweet program turned me away. Yikes! I read the MT help, and found the trouble could be from "different versions of the Berkeley DB library." What the heck is that Berkeley DB library thing? To fix it, the help says, I should access the shell of my server, and run some UNIX commands. Wow, no thanks! And before that, my host doesn't allow its users to use telnet access for security reasons, though I don't even know if the telnet thing has something to do with solving this problem. I was stuck. Yay! Huh?

So, what did I do? I decided to build my blog from scratch. Fortunately, MovableType has import/export features. I used them. That worked. Yeah.

If you tried to post comments in vain during that time, I have to apologize. Yeah. Really.



Did ou build your blog form scratch? Oh, nooooo!
I'm afraid I can't do it.

Glad you managed to put everything back.

The Berkeley DB thing is a database: a big old pot that holds all the entries and comments posted to the site. Berkeley isn't very widely used (many people use MySQL instead) but the Movable Type install defaults to it anyway.

Telnet is insecure, and hosting companies are right when they ban it; many of them allow SSH instead, which is a lot safer.

While poking around a bit yesterday, I found out that you registered your domain name with VeriSign (Network Solutions -- same thing); not a good idea. They're overpriced, there have been the most awful stories of bungling and incompetence for years on end, and they show an incredible amount of contempt for their customers: http://www.textism.com/article/494/
Recently they also angered just about everyone by using their near-monopoly to game the DNS system:


There should be easier ways. So, don't be discouraged. ;) Anyway, the company's response was prompt, and everything was done within a week, even though sending a snail mail was included in the process.


Thanks for the explanation. There seems to be a lot of stuff that I have to learn.

I've heard of NetSol's bad reputation. But I've left my domain as is, because there has been no trouble with them for the past three and a half years, and, more than anything else, I simply have thought it "mendokusai" to transfer my domain name to some other place. That said, now I think I'd better change registrars. I wonder if it can be done smoothly, though.

I remember back in the days (before the net was popularized) I was great with computers, like a super geek. But as the years passed I grew more interested in other things and distanced myself from the computer.. so now when I hear stories like this I can't help but shudder - I'm glad you got through it ok though.

Hi, pketh. Welcome here! I wish computers and the Net had been like today some 20 years ago.

haha, if they were I wonder what computers would be like now? which is kind of like wondering what computers will be like in 20 years - which is mind boggling if you think about it :D