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Seems like aurora displays have become a worldwide phenomenon now. It's reported that some auroras appeared in the night skies of Hokkaido as well. Wow, how I wish I were in one of those places to see one. I've never seen those dramatic luminous displays, though I hear auroras were sometimes seen on very cold days in my town long, long ago. I'm not a sky watcher, and, you know, I hate the cold in winter, but I'd like to see one, at least once in my life.


and all this time I thought I'd have to goto at least Alaska to see something like that. btw, Is 'Aurora' the same as 'Aurora Borealis'?

Well, I can confirm the beauty of the Aurora Borealis. It truly is a site to behold. It really blows my mind the shear beauty that our planet can create, and how often we over look it.

PS Happy Halloween.

Thanks, TheRich. So, pketh, that's it.

I've got Aurora envy now :)

I don't think you have to go as far as Alaska to see auroras. They show up in northern Minnesota too.