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Ball Games

Much to the relief of baseball haters out there, I guess, the pro baseball season is now over on the other side of the Pacific. And here in Japan, too, the Series will see the last game of the season, Game 7, today.

Though I'm not a big fan of pro baseball, I've seen most of the games of the World Series (what a name btw...) and Japan Series this time. Thanks to the time differences, the World Series were aired in the morning here, around 9 o'clock, which is prime time for me. The Yanks lost, and Godzilla fizzled out. Ha! Yeah, I know the teams I root for are likely to lose. That's life.

By the way, why do big leaguers spit all the time? Watching baseball games is fun, but no thanks for the spectacle of spitting.


not only spitting, groin scratching is also common out in left/right field where I guess it can sometimes be lonely :D

It's been a looong time since I last watched a baseball game though

Don't they spit because they're tobacco chewers? I sat next to a chewer during a football game and he wasn't very animated about the spitting part. I didn't even know he was a chewer until my dad started freaking out and asked me if I wanted to change seats with him.

Ha ha, groin scratching? Seems like baseball players are bored to death during a game. ;)

Jessica, no, it doesn't seem to matter whether they are actually spit tobacco chewers or not. And it's like whenever the camera goes in for a close-up, the player spits.

> groin scratching is also common out in
> left/right field where I guess it can
> sometimes be lonely

Well, see: that's one of the beauties of football (that's "soccer" to those of you of the American persuasion): it keeps everyone on the pitch reasonably busy at all times.

I had a very bright student once who was also a footballer (that's "soccer player" to those of you of the American persuasion). I asked him what made him choose football rather than the vastly more popular baseball. He said baseball was boring because for ninetynine percent of the time you just hung around doing nothing waiting for something to happen.

Bingo. I think that's the unanswerable knock-down argument against baseball.

have to agree with Rudolf on this one, football/soccer is the much Funner sport to play - and not to start anything but I don't really see the baseball attraction. But of course, that's my personal opinion