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Blogging Days

Godzilla rules!

Well, the calendar on the left column shows that I haven't blogged on Sunday, Monday, and Friday so far this month. It's not that I've decided not to blog on those particular days of the week. It might be... on Sunday I want to take a day off as the way the world goes. On Monday I feel too depressed to blog because the rest of the world says it's blue Monday. On Friday I haven't got the urge to blog because the common message must be TGIF.

Hah. What the heck am I talking about?


hah, my blogging days are slightly more random, with the exception that the day I'll be least likely to blog on would be Tuesday (aka the day of hell where class starts at 9am and ends at 7pm -not a single break either :( )

9 to 7 without breaks?! Wow....

it's as painful as it sounds :)