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Did you ever have this experience as a little kid? You have a dream that you are in the bathroom peeing, and wake up to find yourself in the wet bed. Well, I did.

Yesterday, fifth graders were enjoying talking about bed-wetting. They were amused to know they'd had similar experiences of wetting their bed after having those dreams.

Feeling amused as well, I approached them and asked this funny boy nicknamed "Ben," "When was the last time you wet the bed?" To which he answered, "It's when I was in third grade." He's a truthful kid.

Then, he said he had had a "prophetic dream."

"I dreamed about going skiing. In the dream, I fell down. After having the dream, I actually went skiing. I looked around, and purposely fell down to make the dream a prophetic one!"

Come on.

You'll be a big shot in the future, Ben.


Thankfully, thankfully, I've always managed to wake up right before actually peeing. Gawd, how awful would that be if I didn't? =)

You lucky thing! ;)

I like the story about the prophetic dream, that sounds crazy/eccentric enough to be something I'd do :)

Ben sounds a clever lad indeed!

I've not had this experience myself, but I've heard if you put a sleeping person hand in warm water, you will make them pee. Wonder how true that is.

I've heard that also Rae, although I've never tried it and don't understand the logic behind it

Very interesting. Rae's from Australia, and pketh Canada. :)

When I was a kid, I heard that if you played with fire at night, you would wet your bed the next morning.