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So, Shuwa-chan is much easier to spell than Schwarzenegger, Beth. ;) The recall election in Kariforunia has been big news here in Japan, too, because Shuwa-chan was running for it. And, now that he has been elected, it has given a very interesting phenomenon. That is, most of the Japanese now know who the California govenor is, while nobody seems to know the name of, say, the Hokkaido governor. Wow.

Also, his name could give the Japanese media a hard time for the time being. For a headline, 「シュワルツェネッガー氏」(Mr. Schwarzenegger) seems to be too long. I've already found 「シュワ氏」(Mr. Schwa) in some newspapers. Of course, "Shuwa-chan" is very popular on Japanese TV, uh, kinda.


that whole election race was something that just defies explanation. The media's use of the word 'circus' fits quite well in this case .. glad I don't live in Cali, but still curious to see what Shuwa will do to it :)

At least he's got tons of money to pay people who know what they're doing to run the state.

When I found out he was running, I just kept hearing his voice in my head saying, "I'm running foh guvnuh."

If he had been influenced by Japanese pronunciation, he could have sounded like, "I'm running for erecti...."

We can't really pronounce his last name either. I think everyone here just calls him "Arnold" except we try to pronounce it like he does. "Ahh-nohld".

Well, I can honestly say I would not want run from his erecti**. Dirty dirty dirty.

Ya, and don't fohget da site dat has ahnold's Governator info:

Governator, that's too funny! :)

Arnold is Interesting. But do you think he deserves to be governor ?

Uh, no comment on that. ;)