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Just been to the barber's for a haircut. Actually, I don't like going to barber shops. I'd rather sit in front of my PC reading cool blogs than go all the way to the barber's and sit still there. Well, well, the fact is, I'm nearsighted and so, with my glasses off, I can't see well what's going on around my top while the barber is cutting my hair. Whenever I sit on the chair there, I feel as if I were a carp on the cutting board. See? It's from a Japanese expression:

まな板の上の鯉 (manaita no ue no koi)

A helpless situation where you can't do anything. You are at the mercy of fate.

Fortunately, my usual barber does a neat job every time and never makes me disappointed, even though I've never been satisfied with my hairstyle. ;)


That's why now I just shave my head (with about 2mm of hair left before the scalp). No worry, no fuss. Just really short hair from the comfort of your own home.

reading cool blogs like mine ;) hahaha

I have the exact same problem, recently I switched to contact lenses (for other reasons) and so that helps ..
But my haircutter sucks and so my hair only looks half-decent a week later regardless

My stylist is very good. She's professional and friendly and always does a good job. I'm wear glasses too, but the perscription is very weak so when I take my glasses off I'm not totally blind.

Tony has the same problem as you with the removal of glasses and not being able to see what's going on. Luckily for him, he's found a great barber, Doug. When Doug moved stores recently, Tony followed him! Apparently a good barber is worth following.

Good luck in finding a good barber, Kiyo!

Yes! Language lessons are back! I'm always glad when you explain another idiomatic expression. I think this one will become a favorite right up there with "willing to accept the helping hand of a cat."

neko no te mo karitai

So finding a good barber is the key, it seems. ;) M, I like the expression, too!

When I wore glasses, I never would take them off until time to cut the hair right over my ears. You're the customer so you should be able to keep your glasses on if you want to. :-)

Oh yeah, sounds like a good idea, Fran. :)