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Thanks, den4, for the nice link. Talking Governator! Guvnuh! Guvnuh! ;)

Oh, and another funky piece. Arnold and Gary. (Link via cat@log) Sorry, Beth. ;) Whenever I hear the name of Arnold, I think of this Arnold Jackson of Diff'rent Strokes.

"I wanna, uh, I wanna, uh, I really wanna ...." Boy, that will keep resounding in my head all day.


don't forget that before schwa-chan became Da Governator, he was the djinn in the vitamin power drink bottle that Rie Miyazawa also coined the nickname Schwa-chan... LOL


"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha"

Boy, how did you find the link! I've wanted to see them again.

There's nothing like watching Schwa-chan laughing maniacally that just brings a smile to one's lips after a miserable day at work or at home.... :D

they also remind me of the NOVA Usagi CMS... :D

Where did I find them? Just got lucky I guess... LOL