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Two Blogs

Thanks guys for taking the time to visit and comment on my Japanese blog. The kinda-amazing blog seems to come back to life now. ;)

The HES "What a lame name" DIARY has a longer history than KEC Journal. It started with my school website back in 2001. I posted brief, diary-like entries in Japanese there. It was rather ironic that after I began using MovableType to power the diary in April last year, I started to post there less and less, and the site stopped updating after the November 19 entry.

I have no specific idea as to what to do with the poor blog from now. KEC Journal is my main blog, for sure. But I've found it extremely fun and interesting to keep two blogs in different languages. I once thought of making HES DIARY a translated version of KEC Journal, as M wished in her comment on HES DIARY, but gave up the idea since it's simply a very tough job. Mieko-san is great. Anyway, I want to make these two blogs interact with each other in some way every once in a while.


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Cool site.....haven't been here for a while, after losing me job back in May....cool that you have this site still up though....

hope you weren't having too rough a time with all the earthquake activity of late...

what happened to the other link that had the forums? :o


Cool, man! Hey, den4, how have you been doing? I've missed you.

Too bad, I deleted the forums a couple of months ago since you hadn't shown up there.

Been way too busy...been also unemployed for the past 5 months....not good.....so where do I post links now for new funky stuff that is either fun or crazy? LOL
You need another links site, man! :D

Hope you will be able to get a good job soon, den4. (Or have you got one already?)

I'll set up new forums here for you. You're such a great friend of mine and I badly need the fun and crazy links you provide. ;)

Well, just let me know when it's set up, and when I find them funky sites, I'll be sure to post them and other amusing things I find....