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A Ladybird

A few days ago, I found a ladybug on the wall of a room. I usually free those insects outside unless they are such dreadful ones as spiders. But this time I left him where he was instead, since I was feeling tired and lazy, and thought the bug couldn't survive in the cold winter weather even if I let him go outside. After all, it's his destiny to be there. And I forgot about him soon afterward.

Today, I found him sitting on the carpet dead, as if he was resting there. It was just in front of where I often lie down alone relaxing, thinking about things. And that showed at least he had lived somewhere in the room for a couple of days after that.

I felt a bit guilty, wondering whether I should have freed him.

... So what? Well, perhaps I just want to be centimeter, no, sentimental every now and then. (sorry for the oyaji-gag)


There was a moth in my house yesterday, flying frantically and repeatedly hitting the ceiling trying to get out i suppose. I wasn't really in the mood (or feeling good) so I just ignored it - now, I don't know what happened to it.

It's cold here too, and most of the bugs have died off so I don't know whether or not I did good by not chasing it out

hey, hokkaido man - my family is visiting me (in Sapporo) for the week. We're going to Otaru one day, and Noboribetsu one day... what else do you recommend?


If I find a moth in my house, it would be I that would feel like going outside. ;)


If you're going to Noboribetsu, what about going a little further to Lake Toya? Or just showing them around Sapporo would be nice, too.

Hehehe, so you don't like insects...just be pleased you don't live in Australia:
The giant termites of northern Australia build huge, hill-like nests up to 6 m (20 ft) in height. Australia has earthworms in abundance, including the giant earthworms of Victoria, which range from 0.9 to 3.7 m (3 to 12 ft) in length, the longest in the world.
We have the Redback spider (related to the black widow), we have various species of Funnelweb Spiders (the most venomous in the world, and highly agressive), there's the Whitetail Spider (causes necrosis), trapdoor spiders, mouse spiders, huntsman spiders, wolf spiders, and more.
We have poisonous centipedes, millipedes, beetles, wasps, bees and more.
And unfortunately, since it is now summer, I am now constantly deafened by Cicadas.

Now them's insects!

Oh, man. Gimme a break, Clive. LOL

I have never seen centipedes, never do I want to see them, though.

When I find a cricket inside, I usually catch it and release it outside. I just can't think of a good reason to kill them. Of course, they usually find their way back in the next day, so I just have to catch them again.

And as much as I dislike spiders, I've taken to leaving the smaller ones be - even when they decide to make themselves at home in a corner or along a door frame. I should be more careful, however, as I recently let a decent-sized jumping spider roam free in the kitchen, only to later find it floating in a glass of tea as I was bringing it to my mouth to drink. I guess found his way into the pitcher and drowned.

Please don't kill a ladybird! It might be my incarnate which visits you to tell "Ladybird in Tokyo Desert", my English site, is up. It is now being prepared by Ken Loo.
Ken told me that you are a very rare Japanese of your generation who send out messages in English,
and that you weren't KIKOKUSHIJO, either.
Thanks, kiyo, you pushed me forward!

Machilin,Ladybird in Tokyo Desert

You don't have centipedes in Hokkaido? What kind of island are you living on? Even Honshu had all sorts of buggly wuglies running around...one time had this big ol' spider in my apartment that was the size of my hand, sitting just inside the window near the ceiling...couldn't get the bloody thing outside when I was living in Yokohama...that sucker was big...even attacked the broom I used to try to scare it outside....eventually it left the apartment...BIG!!


In this season you saw a ladybug in HOKKAIDOU? Well, I heard in HOKKAIDOU you don't have cockroaces--- is it true?

Right. Not only centipedes! We don't have cockroaches in Hokkaido, either. Oh, then I live in a wonderful region in that sense, eh?

u need pics of this spider!