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For the weekend, we went to Lake Akan to enjoy the beautiful scenery and stay at an onsen ryokan (a Japanese-style hotel with hot spring facilities). It was just terrific. We drove and walked a lot around in this National Park. Though I've lived in Hokkaido for more than 40 years, there are a lot of places that I've never visited. 北海道はでっかいどー (Hokkaido wa dekkai do: Hokkaido is huge. - an often heard expression about Hokkaido with a lame Japanese pun included).

Lake akan and mt. oakan-dake

Lake Akan and Mt. Oakan-dake. "Oakan" means "male Akan." Naturally, there is another mountain called "Meakan", female Akan.

a stone monument

Don't ask me what is written on the stone monument. I don't usually read this kind of Japanese writing in cursive letters.

Lake Onneto

Lake Onneto. It can be the most beautiful lake in Hokkaido. Marvelous.


Some time ago I went to Hokkaido on one of those follow-the-nice-lady-with-the-little-flag package tours.

I've just poked around a bit in my e.x.tremely well-organised *cough* image archive and pulled up this:


Looks like the same place, doesn't it?

Except the top of the hill was a little more rounded when I was there. Maybe they change those details every now and then.

Beautiful spot either way.

Oh, you went to Akan? If it's taken there, the left mountain should be Mt. Akan-fuji (so called because the shape looks like that of Mt. Fuji), and the right Mt. Meakan-dake. The top of Meakan is rounded. But I feel they look a bit too low for those two mountains; both are more than 1,400 meters high.

Anyway, really beautiful pic! :)

cool pics, Kiyo....never been to Hokkaido yet, but a buddy of mine lives in Sapporo.... :D

the closest I've gotten to your island was Aomori for the Nebuta Festival waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in '92...want to see the Snow Festival in Sapporo one of these centuries..... :D

Akan looks cool, too.....

I've got a horrible memory for Japanese place names, so I don't remember what it is called. But it's located somewhere between Sapporo, Otaru and Hakodate, and there's that steaming mountain nearby that formed about fifty years ago.

Rudolf, I got it! It's Lake Toya!


Also, this pic just looks like yours, doesn't it?


I got the clue from your "steaming mountain" explanation. I enjoyed making inferences. Thanks. :)

Oh yeah, den4, you MUST come to Sapporo to see the Snow Festival! ;)

Yup, that's the one.

Great detective work, thanks!

Hi, Kiyo-san,

when I glanced at the title, I thought it meant "no way!" ... in Kansai-ben.

I thought the phrase was like "でっかいどー、ほっかいどー”(dekkaido, Hokkaido).

I wish I could go to an onsen ryokan and stay there.

Ha ha ha, yeah, actually Akan was not "akan" at all. And you know the pharase that way, which I heard for the first time? Anyway, both were coined by someone related to the Hokkaido government, I guess. :)