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Feeling Sick

I haven't been feeling well for the past couple of days. I may have a cold. In fact, I'm a frequent cold catcher. If there were a how-easily-can-you-catch-a-cold contest or something, I'd be a likely winner. Ha-ha, not really.

The seasons are changing and the temperatures are getting colder. Winter is coming, steadily, onward, closer. Argh! There was a snowfall somewhere in Hokkaido yesterday, though not in my town. My wife likes to pull my leg saying, "Oh my, you'd die staying long in this cold!"

I think I'd better spend this weekend relaxing at home. Have a nice one, folks.



drink lots and lots of miso soup with the wakame and have lots of stuff with ginger in it then you should get better quicker... :D

Whenever my dad gets sick he starts eating a lot ginger and garlic, and rubs vicks vapo rub under his nose (which is not advised on the labor). This does nothing except make people avoid him. My advice is to take the strongest medication and go to sleep. A lot of people at school are sick including my teacher. I got sick a few weeks ago but I still have a cough. As long as you don't have the flu then you'll be better soon.

The best thing for it (speaking purely from my Biology perspective) is to get plenty of rest over anything else like medicine. The only way you can rid of a cold is by your own internal systems, the rest is mostly just placebo.

btw, I heard this fascinating theory once that the common cold is actually a SELF induced condition, where your own body will let it self get these symptoms to prevent your immune systems from getting to week (atrophying). Makes sense, and also explains why the common cold can't be cured -it's necessary.

anyways, Get better soon!

Thanks for the advice, guys. :) Maybe I NEED to catch cold often. ;)

When I get a cold,it seems like I cant get rid of it fast.I took some garlic and blowed my nose and now my nose is sore.Im trying the vaporizer and seeing how that works.I really hope to get relief soon from my stuffy nose.It makes my teeth ache and ear ache.